Unlucky Streak: Injured In Multiple Accidents

Many drivers are lucky enough to have operated cars for years and never needed a lawyer because they’ve never been in an accident. However, many drivers take every reasonable precaution where it comes to road safety, and still find themselves getting into accidents.

Especially in Denver, with our unpredictable weather and snowfall, drivers have to rely more on personal injury lawyers. The best personal injury attorneys are finding their clients involved in multiple accidents. Many drivers want to know if they’ll be penalized or seen as unsafe drivers as a result of involvement in multiple auto accidents leading to injury.

Many insurance companies will begin to look twice at people who have been in multiple car accidents and received injury, which leads them to seek an attorney. Involvement in numerous auto accidents can raise red flags for insurance companies. In these instances, the top lawyers will still take your case. Accidents, by definition, can happen to anyone, and injury attorneys can help.

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