three vehicles driving by a "Work Zone" sign and traffic cones

How Motorists Can Contribute to Work Zone Safety

3 Tips for Safe Driving in Work Zones

Navigating work zones can be tricky, especially in areas you're unfamiliar with. However, hundreds of workers die every year as a result of negligent drivers. National Work Zone Awareness Week was established to remind all roadway users to practice safer driving behaviors when in work zones. Here are three simple ways you can contribute:

#1. Slow Down

Speeding is one of the most common contributors to collisions in work zones. Because of this, most work zones will have a posted speed limit that drivers should abide by until the "End Work Zone" sign appears. This can range anywhere from 10 to 35 mph slower than what you were driving previously. However, if one is not present, the safest option is to go at least 10 mph slower or more if workers are in the area.

#2. Watch for Workers

Whether it's road work or a construction project off the highway, drivers should always be conscious of workers in the zone. Often, there will be a sign indicating that there are people actively on-site or one showing that a flagger will be in the area. If these signs are present but you cannot actively see someone, decrease your speed and scan ahead.

#3. Avoid Blind Spots

Like the ones you have on your vehicle, there are several blind spots in work zones where machinery operators and other workers cannot see around. As a driver, it is often easier for you to avoid these zones to ensure that you aren't becoming a hazard to the workers that are present.

In general, you will want to treat heavy machinery or large work vehicles like they are any other vehicle on the road and avoid lingering in the blind spot. Remember: If you cannot see the operator, they probably cannot see you.

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