If You’re Able To Walk Around After Being Involved In A Collision You Still Could Have Serious Injuries In Colorado

Yes: life-changing injuries can happen from a relatively low-impact auto accident. Low-speed automobile collisions can produce injuries to the neck and back, despite what the insurance companies would have you believe. In fact, even at speeds as low as 10 miles per hour, such an impact can cause a severe brain injury.  Many people may not even realize that they have suffered an injury to their brain or spine. Many people might write off the symptoms as just being stiff and sore, but then these symptoms grow worse over time. They can even result in debilitating and life-long injuries.

Years ago, the insurance companies developed a phrase for these types of collisions: Minor Impact, Soft Tissue Injuries (“MIST”). In these MIST cases, insurance companies try to utilize the property damage (or lack thereof), and pictures (which usually show little-to-no damage to a vehicle) to try and reduce the fair market settlement value of your claim. The insurance companies like to say, “Hey, jurors: you can’t see any damage to the vehicle, so how can there possibly be any damage to the person?” Such arguments are not supported by either the laws of physics or medical science. Nonetheless, the insurance companies like to use these arguments to try and convince you that you don’t have a valid claim.

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