Below are some frequently asked questions pertaining to personal injury claims. Additional information on specific types of personal injury claims can be accessed by selecting the options under the “Practice Areas” tab.

Before hiring an attorney, you should research the firm and lawyer who will be handling your case. Inquire about the attorney’s education, experience, and training. Ask whether he or she has handled cases similar to yours and about the outcomes. Personal injury law varies by state, so make certain the attorney you hire is knowledgeable about the law of the state where the injury took place. Also, be sure to discuss in detail the fee agreement. Your trusted personal injury lawyer in Denver offers services for a standard contingent fee that is lower than many firms offer.

Larson Larimer Schneider offers a free initial consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. During this meeting, we will ask you to provide detailed information regarding your case, including the cause of your injury, your condition, any related treatment you have may have undergone prior to that date, etc. We will devote the time necessary to understanding and discussing with you all information that is relevant to your claim. It is very helpful if you can bring to the initial meeting any accident or incident report describing the incident, insurance information, including claims numbers, contact information, and adjuster information, photos, and copies of your own insurance policies. After discussing the above information with you, we will either be able to determine whether we can accept your case or will ask you for an opportunity to perform further research. The initial consultation is also an opportunity for you to ask the attorney any questions you may have about the firm and our services.

Larson Larimer Schneider will advance the costs associated with the processing of your case. These costs may later be repaid from your recovery. Other out-of-pocket expenses, such as the cost of filling a prescription, are the responsibility of the client. In the event that you are unable to afford related out-of-pocket expenses while you await the resolution of your case, the experienced attorneys at Larson Larimer Schneider may be able to assist you in securing legal funding. For more information about these options, please view our Medical and Legal Funding page.

In personal injury matters, the at-fault party will typically be represented by insurance adjusters and attorneys who the at-fault party’s insurance company has hired. These people are experienced in employing aggressive tactics to defend claims and minimize any loss to the insurance company. It is in your best interest to hire an attorney who is knowledgeable about the strategies that representatives of the insurance companies use and who has experience negotiating with those individuals. Larson Larimer Schneider specializes in personal injury claims and our attorneys have extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies and litigating against the attorneys they hire.

The final decision to settle a case is entirely the client’s. We understand that this can be a daunting decision. The lawyers at Larson Larimer Schneider will discuss with you the fairness of the insurance company’s settlement offer and the potential risks and advantages of moving forward with a lawsuit. We will be available to answer any questions you may have.