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Free Living Will

You are entitled to make decisions regarding your own medical care. However, if you are ever unable to communicate your wishes, this information may still be made known to your loved ones and medical providers through a previously executed advance directive, such as a living will. A living will may set forth instructions regarding organ donation, artificial nourishment, and life-sustaining procedures. Other advance directives may include Medical Durable Powers of Attorney and CPR Directives. Please be aware that the laws pertaining to advance directives can vary by state. The attorneys at Larson Larimer Schneider can discuss your options with you and assist you in creating a valid advance directive. You can access a living will template here.

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Medical & Legal Funding

If you are unable to afford the expensive medical care that you need after an accident, Larson Larimer Schneider can help you arrange payment of your medical expenses, allowing you to continue treating while we work to resolve your claim. Larson Larimer Schneider works closely with a number of providers, surgical facilities, and Colorado companies, including Injury Finance, Marrick Medical Finance, and Evergreen Surgical, that fund the costs of quality medical care on a lien basis. There are also companies that may be able to assist you in obtaining litigation financing. Larson Larimer Schneider can help you to understand the financing options that these and other companies offer.

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