The attorneys of Larson Larimer Schneider are experienced in protecting and enforcing Colorado’s workers’ rights to fair wage and hour compensation. Colorado and Federal laws require employers to compensate certain employees with overtime pay when the employee has worked for a period exceeding forty hours in one workweek. Overtime violations may arise when an employee performs work off the clock or when an employer misclassifies a job, averages hours over two or more workweeks, or fails to compensate an employee for brief breaks during the workday, call time, or work performed at home.

In Colorado’s growing economy, it is necessary to be fairly compensated for your work.

Many employees are entitled to overtime pay and they are not even aware of it. Most employees think they are not entitled to overtime pay because they are paid a salary, but this is completely incorrect. The question is not whether an employee is on salary, but whether they are “exempt.” Our lawyers can and will help you fight for the correct wages you deserve!

If you believe that you have been the victim of one such violation and have not received overtime pay, contact Larson Larimer Schneider immediately, as there are deadlines for filing overtime claims. Your employer is prohibited by law from retaliating based upon any potential claim you may file. Our attorneys may be able to recover back wages, liquidated damages, and attorney’s fees and costs. We are available to assist you in protecting your legal rights.

If your employer is withholding your wages unfairly, please contact the attorneys at Larson Larimer Schneider, they will fight for your fair wage. Call for free consultation.