If you have been injured on public property as result of conduct by a public employee or by the action of a governmental entity, special rules apply in the State of Colorado. When a city, county, or state entity is involved in a claim, specific rules apply that will require specialized notice and limits on liability.

The Colorado Governmental Immunity Act (CGIA) protects governmental entities from specific types of claims, limits the amount of recovery, and requires very specific notice provisions. This is sometimes referred to as Sovereign Immunity. The CGIA requires an injured party to provide specific written notice to the governmental entity within a short period of time after the injury. If this notice requirement is not met, you may forever lose your right to recover for your damages and injuries.

It is sometimes difficult to simply determine whether a person or entity is covered by the CGIA. For example, federal government, state and local government workers, state universities, RTD, some other public transportation, public schools, police officers and other emergency vehicles, snow plows, and public parks are just a few examples of those covered by the CGIA.

The specifics of the CGIA can be very confusing not only to the injured party, but also to the inexperienced attorney. If you have been injured by a governmental worker or as result of a governmental entity, you can still recover damages from the government. However, the procedure and limits for any recovery are dictated by the CGIA. The attorneys at Larson Larimer Schneider have years of experience dealing with the CGIA and can help guide you through the hurdles created by this Act. Because there is a short time limit for making such a claim, you should contact and attorney at Larson Larimer Schneider as soon as possible after such an injury in order to preserve your rights to pursue such a claim.

Our attorneys in our Governmental Liability practice group often attend council meetings, trustee meetings, or other administrative hearings to assist in the decision making process to assist in the decision making process and help resolve existing disputes as well as proactively prevent litigation. Our lawyers also keep up with the ever changing law regarding immunity for political subdivisions, employment liability, and civil rights laws to keep our clients ahead of the curve with frequently changing legal standards and responsibilities pertinent to public entities.


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