In Colorado, premises liability is a specific type of personal injury claim that gives protection to people who are injured on the property of a property or landowner. Individuals or companies that own or operate property in Colorado are responsible for injuries to visitors that occur as the result of accidents, criminal acts, or negligence.

The Colorado Premises Liability statute, C.R.S. §13-21-115, provides the framework for the duty of care for landowners.

The level of protection for an injured person depends on the status of the injured party: whether he/she is a Trespasser (a person who enters onto the land of another without the landowner’s consent), a Licensee (a person who enters onto the land of another with the landowners consent but for the person’s own convenience or purposes), or an Invitee (a person who enters onto land of another to transact business in which both the landowner and the person have an interest).

If deemed a Trespasser, an injured party may only recover for willful or deliberate acts.

If deemed a Licensee, an injured party may recover for injuries caused by the landowner’s unreasonable failure to warn of unusual dangers of which the landowner actually knew or should have known of.

If deemed an Invitee, a party may recover only for injuries caused by the landowner’s unreasonable failure to exercise reasonable care to protect against dangers of which he actually knew or should have known.

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Slip and Fall Accidents
Slip and fall accidents occur where dangerous conditions, such as wet floors, poor snow removal, icy conditions, torn carpeting, poor lighting, narrow stairs, or other changes in flooring, can cause someone to slip and hurt themself. Other instances of slip and falls occur when people are injured in falls due to dangerous or defective stairs, escalators, potholes, or dangerous public sidewalks.

Colorado, and other States that have outdoor recreation “Recreational Use” statutes which can prevent claims against private landowners from damages suffered by those injured on their land to pursue recreational activities.
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