Marc B. Kanter

Investigative Director, In-Take Assessment

Marc is our Investigative Director who has over 35 years of investigative experience. Marc is a current licensed private investigator in California. The majority of Marc’s investigative experience is in the personal injury field conducting liability and scene investigations, skip tracing of defendants and witnesses, obtaining witness statements as well as conducting background and asset searches. Marc also handles the initial client intake calls and will meet with potential clients to go over their claim, ascertain and verify insurance information. Marc works to ensure there is no question on liability.

In his 35 years of working in the personal injury field, both in Los Angeles and Colorado, Marc has worked with several high profile attorneys and lawyers, but he states he enjoys working with Larson Larimer Schneider the most. Marc stated, “Mark, Vance, and Larry have a real concern for their clients that you can see, and it is so refreshing to work with a firm that cares about the clients first and foremost!”

With joining Larson Larimer Schneider, P.C. he has a track record of investigative work on cases which has helped achieve successful outcomes for our clients. He is knowledgeable about connecting with clients and supporting them through one of the hardest experiences of their life. Suffering an injury from an accident impacts every single part of a person’s life. The indignity of this kind of victimization is where Marc pulls his drive to fight for justice.

Away from the office, Marc enjoys spending time with his wife Val and his Jack Russell Terrier, Boo. He enjoys working around his house, is an avid golfer, a Jimmy Buffett Parrothead, and cherishes his time with friends and family.

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Core Experience

Investigative Research 90%
Personal Injury Investigation 75%
Paralegal Case Evaluation 60%

Areas of Focus

Personal Injury Legal Research
Investigative Research
Accident Recreation Methods
Draft & Serve Summons
Litigation Documents
Coordinate Depositions