The Faces Behind The Firm: Mark Larson And Vance Larimer

The beginnings of personal injury firm in Denver Colorado of Larson Larimer Schneider were simple in nature. Mark and Vance originally met while playing football together at Cherry Creek High School. After their undergraduate studies concluded, both Mark and Vance attended law school at the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law. Following law school, Mark was involved in more traditional legal work while Vance was working as a sports agent. Both Mark and Vance wanted to come together to combine their interests in sports law and expand their general legal practice into personal injury law. Mark and Vance are current members of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, the Colorado Bar Association, and the Denver Bar Association. They have been listed in the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys 10 Best Attorneys, America’s Top 100 Attorneys, and The American Society of Legal Advocates Top 10 Litigation Attorneys. Mark is involved in coaching youth sports and the Denver Boys and Girls club and Vance is on the board of directors for the Chris Rule Foundation and Fred Tesone Alumni Foundation.

When asked what was appealing about starting their own firm, Vance stated that both Mark and he liked the idea of doing things on their own terms. Starting their own firm would mean they would have the freedom to choose who they wanted as clients, and what cases they wanted to take on. They also both believed that they could take what they had learned at prior firms and expand on it, creating a better and more efficient practice.

As far as their current practice is concerned, Larson Larimer Schneider’s main goal is to make clients feel like they have attorneys that they can get ahold of, attorneys that they can depend on, and attorneys that have their best interest in mind. Larson Larimer Schneider wants to provide clients with knowledgeable and compassionate representation. Mark and Vance both understand that there has been a longstanding issue with inequity when it comes to people taking on large insurance companies, and their goal is to bridge that gap. Larson Larimer Schneider is large enough to handle complex cases and take them all the way through litigation, but small enough to make the client feel like their voice is being heard. Their size makes it so that they do not lose the teamwork approach. They understand what it takes to go up against large insurance companies and have structured their firm to be as strategic and efficient as possible.