Top 5 Worst Intersections for Car Accidents in Denver

In Denver, two intersections have been identified as particularly hazardous: 20th and Market, and North Quebec Street and East Martin Luther King Boulevard. 20th and Market is the intersection with the highest number of pedestrian accidents, having recorded five such incidents in 2018. Meanwhile, North Quebec Street and East Martin Luther King Boulevard is the intersection with the highest number of motor vehicle accidents, having recorded 40 such incidents in the same year.

Most Dangerous Denver Intersections for Pedestrians

Here are the top five intersections for pedestrian accidents in Denver:

  • Market and 20th
  • North Lincoln and East Colfax
  • North Broadway and East 13th Avenue
  • Blake Street and 20th
  • South University Boulevard and East Asbury Avenue

In 2018, there were between three and five pedestrian accidents at each of these intersections. Additionally, 40 other intersections recorded two or three pedestrian accidents during the same year.

Most Dangerous Denver Intersections for Motor Vehicles

Here are the top five intersections for motor vehicle accidents in Denver:

  • North Quebec Street and East Martin Luther King Boulevard
  • Colfax Avenue and North Speer Boulevard
  • West 6th Avenue and North Kalamath Street
  • West Alameda Avenue and South Santa Fe Drive
  • West Evans Avenue and South Federal Boulevard

Each of these intersections had at least 34 accidents in 2018. There are five more intersections that had more than 30 accidents each year.

Denver Car Accident Statistics

According to the Denver Regional Council of Governments, 67.6 percent of traffic accidents in Denver involves two or more moving motor vehicles. 17.3 percent involve fixed objects, while 8.6 percent involve a parked vehicle. 1.3 percent of crashes involve a pedestrian, and 1 percent involve an animal. The Colorado Department of Transportation says that 85 percent of all traffic crashes in Denver are preventable.

Most Common Causes of Traffic Accidents in Denver

Careless driving is a factor in up to 38 percent of accidents that occur in Denver. Other leading causes of traffic accidents in the city include rear-end collisions resulting from tailgating, failure to yield, violations of traffic lanes, and speeding. According to authorities, distracted driving plays a role in one out of every four accidents.

Accidents in Denver can be attributed to a variety of factors, with 17 percent being caused by driver inexperience, 10.5 percent being caused by aggressive driving, and 9.9 percent being caused by drunk driving. Moreover, male drivers aged between 15-34 are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident than drivers from other age and gender groups.

What Are My Rights If I’m Hurt in a Dangerous Intersection in Denver?

If you suffer from car accident injuries from a crash at a dangerous intersection in Denver, you have rights under both state and local law. All of the State of Colorado traffic laws apply. In addition, there may be special ordinances that apply to traffic in the City of Denver.

n the event of an accident, negligence laws are applicable and upheld in Colorado. Denver, being located in this state, follows the at-fault system. Therefore, you have the right to pursue a claim against the party responsible for the accident based on negligence as long as the case falls within the statute of limitations set by the state. Violation of Colorado or Denver traffic laws by a driver is considered strong evidence of their negligence in an accident case.

Can You Sue the City of Denver for a Car Accident?

It is possible to sue the City of Denver for a car accident under certain circumstances. If an accident occurs due to the city’s failure to maintain roads in a reasonable condition, the victim has the right to bring a claim against the city for the accident. Based on Colorado’s negligence laws, the victim may be entitled to collect damages from the city.

Suing the City of Denver for a Dangerous Road

Generally, the City of Denver is immune from lawsuits. But under the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, the city waives immunity in some circumstances. Colorado Revised Statutes 24-10-103 is the governmental immunity law. But Colorado Revised Statutes 24-10-106 says that the city waives its immunity and allows lawsuits for negligence and premises liability when the city allows a dangerous condition to occur.

City of Denver Lawsuit Based on Unreasonable Road Conditions

In Denver, filing a lawsuit based on hazardous road conditions requires demonstrating that the road poses an unreasonable risk to public health and safety. Negligence laws allow the victim to seek compensation from the city if the road condition hinders the flow of traffic. It’s important to note that both the existence of hazardous conditions and their interference with traffic movement must be established to file a lawsuit. Furthermore, the victim has the responsibility to prove that the government is not immune to lawsuits.

Dangerous Road Lawsuits in Denver

In the Dennis v. City and County of Denver case, a motorcycle accident victim brought a dangerous road case against the city. The victim sought compensation for brain damage and other injuries. He presented proof that the motorcyclist was unable to stop his vehicle because the road deteriorated.

In a recent ruling, the court deemed the victim’s lawsuit to be valid. The court’s decision has placed the responsibility of determining whether the road was unreasonably hazardous on the jury. The city is not required to upgrade or install new technologies to comply with the law, but they are obligated to maintain the road in reasonable condition based on its construction. Furthermore, the city must have been aware or should have been aware of the hazardous condition at the time of the accident. The evidence provided by the victim regarding the dangerous road conditions led the court to allow the lawsuit to proceed.

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