What Should I Do if I’m in an Uber Lyft Accident in Colorado as a Passenger

You count on an Uber or Lyft ride to get you where you need to go. One thing you’re not expecting is being in an accident. If it happens, you need to know what to do.

You have important rights when you’re in an Denver Uber or Lyft car crash as a passenger. What you do following the accident can impact the compensation that you receive.

Our Denver Uber accident lawyers explain what you should do if you’re in an Uber or Lyft accident in Colorado from a passenger’s perspective.

What to Do if You’re in an Uber or Lyft Accident

Here are the steps you should take if you’re in an Denver Uber or Lyft accident:

1. Get Emergency Medical Care

First things first – your health and the well-being of everyone involved in the accident is the most crucial priority. The first thing you should do is call emergency services for medical attention.

At first, it may seem like no one is severely injured, but in the elevated state of a vehicle crash, it may not always be evident that there are injuries. The best plan is to call for emergency medical responders. Get medical attention if there is any possibility that you have an injury. Remember that brain injuries are not always apparent immediately after a crash.

2. Report the Accident to the Police

The vehicle drivers have a legal obligation to report the accident to the police. However, you should ensure the accident gets reported to law enforcement.

By creating an accident report, the police document that the accident occurred. While law enforcement is primarily there to investigate traffic safety and traffic violations, they perform an essential service for you; documenting evidence and the fact that the accident occurred.

3. Get Information From the Driver

While the police gather the necessary evidence for you, there is information that you need to make sure that you collect. You need to know your rideshare driver’s name and their rideshare identification number. Be sure to take a photo of their driver’s license information and license plate, if you can. This information allows you to make a report to the rideshare company and pursue your claim.

4. Get Information From Others Involved and Witnesses

In addition to the Uber or Lyft driver, you need to know who else is involved in the crash. That means getting contact information from other drivers involved, insurance information, and names and numbers of passengers and bystanders. It’s okay if you don’t know what they’ve observed or how they may impact your compensation claim. For now, just gather their information so that you can follow up later.

5. Take Photographs

You have only one chance to document the accident scene. Use the opportunity to take photographs. They don’t take long to take, and you don’t need special training in photography. The information you preserve in the pictures can help you investigate and prove your right to compensation.

6. Report the Denver Accident to the Rideshare Company

Once you have gathered information and sought medical treatment, it’s time to report the accident to the rideshare company. Both Uber and Lyft have online avenues for accident reporting. While we hope it never happens, rideshare accidents happen every day. The companies have a process to receive accident reports. You can make the report online.

7. Document Your Losses In The Accident

You have the right to claim compensation when you are a passenger involved in an Uber or Lyft accident. Usually, the Lyft or Uber accident policy applies to passengers because you are involved in an active ride at the time of the crash. To receive fair compensation, you need to document your losses.

Keep track of your injuries and the medical care that you receive. If you cannot work, document it by keeping paperwork and emails. Our lawyers for Uber and Lyft accidents can help you value pain and suffering and the categories of compensation that can be a part of your claim.

8. Learn About Resources For Compensation and Rideshare Insurance Guarantees

There are likely to be multiple parties and insurance companies that play a role in an Uber or Lyft accident settlement payout. It may depend on who is at fault for the accident and the insurance policies in place. The accident laws in the state and required insurance minimums may impact how you pursue compensation. Learn about the insurance policies and the state law for accidents to determine how to best pursue your compensation.

9. Pursue Compensation

You have rights as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft involved in an accident. You may pursue compensation, including medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. To receive the compensation you deserve, you must carefully value the categories of compensation and state laws. While you may be able to negotiate a fair Lyft or Uber accident settlement payout through their personal insurance, it may be necessary to formally bring a claim and prove your right to compensation.

10. Talk to Our Denver Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyers

The best way to know how to approach an Uber or Lyft accident is to work with our experienced lawyers. We’re experienced in helping accident victims claim fair compensation. We understand that particular issues are present in rideshare claims involving Uber and Lyft. We’re prepared to pursue your case from start to finish until you have the compensation you deserve.