Castle Rock Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Castle Rock Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, more than 7,500 pedestrians were killed by drivers in 2022 — the highest number since 1981. Pedestrians are completely defenseless when hit by negligent drivers; and accordingly, suffer a catastrophic injury, or even death. At Larson Larimer Schneider, we have experienced pedestrian accident lawyers ready to pursue your claim. To discuss your case or learn more about a claim, consult with our injury attorneys today.

After your free case consultation, we will assign you an experienced lawyer who will diligently fight on your behalf. We’ll navigate the Castle Rock personal injury legal system and let you know what you can do to strengthen your case. Larson Larimer Schneider will provide you with your own pedestrian accident attorney who will take as much of the stress off your plate as possible so you can focus on your recovery.


As stated by the Governors Highway Safety Association (PDF here) in 2020 known as the Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State – 2020 Preliminary Data:

  • 75% pedestrian fatalities occurred after dark (2020)
  • 72% pedestrian fatalities have to do with Light Trucks (which includes SUVs)
  • 52% the most pedestrian fatalities were White, Non-Hispanic Individuals
  • 46% increase in the number of pedestrian fatalities from 2010 to 2020
  • 26% increase in pedestrian fatalities shows Colorado had from 2019 to 2020 which was 31 to 39
  • 25% pedestrian fatalities occurred during daylight (2020)

We will meet with you or your loved ones as soon as possible after your pedestrian accident. Our team will gather the evidence needed to build your case. The initial process usually involves opening your insurance claims, evaluating and updating the damages you incurred, and fully exploring possible sources of compensation for your injuries. We can also assist you in finding medical or financial assistance and finding the best providers to fit your individual needs. If you are injured in a pedestrian accident involving a car, vehicle, or automobile, speak with our pedestrian accident attorneys in Castle Rock for a free consultation today.

A major vehicle-pedestrian accident injury in Castle Rock, Colorado could cost you a fortune in medical fees, lost wages, and property damage. It could also cause pain and suffering, as well as possible impairment. We’ll coordinate with your insurance company to help get you the compensation you need.

If the at-fault party’s insurance or your own insurance company refuses to provide you with a proper settlement, we won’t hesitate to help you file a lawsuit against them. Our attorneys in Castle Rock, Colorado provide aggressive legal representation to help make sure you get the financial and medical reparation you deserve.

The final decision to settle in a pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle or car accident case is entirely the client’s decision. We understand that this can be a daunting decision. Our lawyers at Larson Larimer Schneider will discuss with you the fairness of the insurance company’s settlement offer and the potential risks and advantages of moving forward with a lawsuit. We will be available to answer any questions you may have.


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What are the common causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

Colorado roads are getting more and more dangerous, especially for pedestrians. Many new people are moving to the state, causing an influx of new drivers on the road who may be unfamiliar with the local traffic laws. When you add that to the rising number of distracted drivers, the chances of being involved in a pedestrian accident with a motor vehicle in the Castle Rock Metro Area are frighteningly high.

Common causes of pedestrian accidents can include:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Reckless Driving
  • Excessive Speeding
  • Failure to Signal when Turning
  • Driving under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs
  • Failure to Yield the right-of-way to Pedestrians at Crosswalks
What are the common injuries in a Pedestrian Accident in Castle Rock?

Pedestrian accidents are some of the most damaging traffic collisions on the road. When a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian, pedestrians almost always sustain the worst of the damage. A pedestrian can suffer injuries in the initial impact with the motor vehicle, as well as the second impact with the hood or windshield of the car or the asphalt.

When a motor vehicle strikes a bicyclist or pedestrian, the victim can suffer severe medical injuries, such as:

  • Back, Bones and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Fatal Injuries
  • Head and Skull Injuries
  • Life-Long Paralysis
  • Soft-Tissue Injuries
  • Strains and Sprains
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Internal injuries
How much does a Pedestrian Accident lawyer charge?

A pedestrian accident attorney in Castle Rock can set their own rates for their services, which means it can be difficult to anticipate what they charge. At Larson Larimer Schneider, we use contingency fees for our legal services – which means you don’t owe us attorney fees unless we win your case.

The percentage offered through a contingency fee agreement will vary between cases. When a case can be quickly settled, the percentage could be predictably lower than when we have to work on a complex case that requires litigation to resolve, for instance.

Contingency fees tend to range between 25% and 40% based on case complexity and duration. In most cases, insurance companies settle before going to trial to risk having to payout an even bigger settlement.

Who Is liable for a Pedestrian Accident in Castle Rock, Colorado?

Liability for a pedestrian accident case in Castle Rock, Colorado is dependent on a case-by-case evaluation of the incident. Colorado uses at-fault insurance rules, which means that each driver can be held accountable for the damage they have caused – with certain limitations.

A driver who breaches the duty of care may be held liable for pedestrian accidents and injuries. A pedestrian can be held liable if the driver is going the speed limit and the pedestrian behaves in a careless way that makes it impossible for the driver to avoid hitting the pedestrian – for example, running out in front of the vehicle or walking in the street at night wearing dark clothing.

What to do after a Pedestrian Accident in Castle Rock, Colorado?

If you’ve been a pedestrian involved in an accident, you know how much of a shock to the system it can be. It’s always a good idea to know what to do in case of a serious crash so you’re prepared before it happens. Believe it or not, there’s more to the process than hiring a personal injury lawyer right away!

When serious injuries occur, follow these basic steps so your right to full compensation is protected (if you are able):

  • Check Yourself and Others for Injuries. Check on yourself, anyone with you, and, if possible, on the occupants of the cars involved in the accident. Assess whether people are in pain, if they are bleeding, if they hit their heads or are unconscious, and if they are breathing. If you know CPR and someone needs it, now is the time to use those skills.
  • Call 911 To Get Assistance.Make sure to call 911 so emergency medical attention can be administered to those injured at the scene. In addition, make sure not to admit fault to the 911 dispatcher, since this can be used as evidence in your case.
  • Take Photos of the Damages. Get pictures of any damages to the car (both inside and out) and any injuries you or your passengers have suffered.
  • Police Correspondence. Do not admit fault to the 911 dispatcher, authorities, EMT or first responders. If they ask, state you would like to decline to answer after speaking to a personal injury attorney.
  • Get Insurance Information. Get names, addresses, insurance information, and contact information from the other parties involved in the accident. This makes it easier for you and your insurance company to follow up with them later.
  • File an Accident Report. Call the police or arrange to file a police report. If there are injuries or a vehicle cannot move, you will all need to wait there until the authorities arrive to assess and deal with the situation. Do not forget to file a report even if you all can leave- this is key to getting your damages covered.
  • Medical Evaluation. Ensure you have a full medical evaluation following the accident. Our firm can help you through this process to get the correct specialist related to your injuries.
  • Recorded Statement. Do not sign anything. Do not give a recorded statement, accept an initial settlement offer or sign anything given to you by the insurance company before talking to a lawyer.
  • Hire a Personal Injury Attorney. Our firm can help you with the insurance companies involved. It’s always a good idea to contact a personal injury accident attorney when you’ve been in a crash, even if you don’t think there’s much they can do for you. A personal injury lawyer will usually take on your case without upfront payment, so it won't cost you. An automobile accident lawyer can make the process of dealing with insurance companies and the courts so much easier.
What are the damages in a Pedestrian Accident in Castle Rock, Colorado?

As experienced trial lawyers, we approach cases differently than what you may find at other law firms. We strategize in case development- so that when the pedestrian accident lawsuit is filed in the docket, it is presented professionally and with sound evidence. If the case cannot be settled outside of court (in most cases it will be), we move forward with a lawsuit to seek justice on your behalf.

Your case will be thoroughly evaluated to determine the monetary award for suffering a pedestrian injury, specific damages including:

  • Past and Future Medical Bills
  • Medications, Medical Devices or Physical Therapies
  • Lost Capacity to earn due to a Disability by the Accident
  • Diminished Quality of Life due to a Disability by the Accident
  • Pain and Suffering due to a Disability by the Accident
  • Emotional Distress due to a Disability by the Accident
  • Lost Wages and Employment Benefits