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Combining with Law Firms

As the recognized leaders in personal injury law in Denver Colorado, we are often brought on as co-counsel for high value or complicated cases that may be within the United States. We also co-counsel cases with out-of-state firms who happen to have a client in Colorado as well. In either situation, we are happy to take over primary responsibility to ensure the client receives the very best personal injury representation and that the value of the case is maximized with two firms. We hold many of these relationships in Denver Colorado and around the country and are happy to discuss these opportunities with any interested firms.


Co-Counsel Consultation Partnership

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    Co-Counsel Together

    As in other states, Colorado imposes a statute of limitations on personal injury claims. The statute of limitations essentially works as a deadline for filing your claim in Colorado, it is two years from the date of the accident, injury, or death.

    If you would like to discuss co-counseling your case with our firm, please contact our office at 303-221-0039 via the contact form below.


    Our Mission

    We specialize in personal injury attorneys in Denver Colorado, strive to exceed your expectations by combining experienced representation with a personalized, thoughtful approach. We aim to distinguish our legal practice from others by providing our clients with close, personal relationships and attentive guidance throughout the legal process.

    As members of the local community, we take great pride in serving clients in and around the Metro Denver Area, as well as throughout the state of Colorado. We have deep roots here, and we are proud to be able to give back to our community by providing compassionate and effective advocacy to victims of negligence and their families. Our goal is to ease some of the stress you face and handle the various legal aspects of your situation so that you can focus on what matters: healing.