10 Ways to be a Courteous Driver

Where have our manners gone?

Our roads could be so much safer if we all treated other drivers how we would like to be treated.

Our roadways aren’t safe for several reasons: Distracted Drivers, Road Rage, Poor Roadways, and so much more! These are our best tips on how to be a courteous driver; whether you’re on the highway or a residential area always

  1. Use your Blinker 
  2. Share the Road
  3. Focus on the road 
  4. Drive in the Right or Middle Lane & Pass on the Left
  5. Respect Pedestrians & Cyclists 
  6. Don’t Block Intersections or Cross Walks
  7. Come to Complete Stops at Stop Signs
  8. Slow Down at Yellow Lights
  9. Maintain a Safe Distance Between Other Vehicles
  10. Drive the Speed Limit or Go with the Flow of Traffic

Here are some Bonus Tips:

  1. Move Out of the Way of Emergency Vehicles
  2. If Vehicles are Stopped in the Road or on the Shoulder Move Over– If You are Unable to Move, Slow Your Speed Down to 25mph or Less and Cautiously Pass.

We hope these tips were helpful and that you learned or were reminded of a few things that will help you drive more courteously.