Boulder King Soopers Mass Shooting With Families In Need of Personal Injury Lawyers

Regarding the Boulder King Soopers 2021 shooting, there were 10 victims due to the shooting and all have cases for personal injury claims and needing a Boulder personal injury lawyer to fight those claims. The man accused of killing 10 people at a Boulder King Soopers last year remains incompetent to proceed in a criminal trial, but a judge said he will likely be restored in the near future.

Roughly 10 family members of victims sat silently in the seats behind District Attorney Michael Dougherty, who told the judge they were frustrated with the state hospital. Robert Olds’ niece, 25-year-old Rikki Olds, was killed working inside the King Soopers that day. He said he has tried to overcome his grief with copious counseling sessions. He attended Friday’s hearing with his mother, Rikki’s grandmother, Jeanette.

Olds said he attributes the delays in the hearings to the defense, who he thinks is telling the defendant not to cooperate. To protect himself emotionally ahead of the hearings, he said he has set his expectations low. But Olds, isn’t aware that he could be represented by our Boulder personal injury lawyers for claims against King Sooper.

The victims were Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley, Tralona Bartkowiak, Denny Stong, Kevin Mahoney, Jody Waters, Lynn Murray, Neven Stanisic, Teri Leiker and Suzanne Fountain and all these families deserve representation regarding their Boulder King Soopers Shooting with our personal injury lawyers.

When you work with our firm after a serious accident, our Boulder injury law firm and attorney will thoroughly investigate your accident and carefully document the facts in your case and the full extent of your injuries regarding the King Soopers mass shooting. We will help you get the medical treatment and medical care you need and actively pursue the compensation you deserve. Our injury law firm will aggressively advocate for you when dealing with insurance companies.