Hit and Run Accident at Golden Bar located at Rock Rest Lodge In Colorado Where Seven Were Injured

One man was killed and seven other people injured early Sunday morning when a driver plowed through a crowd gathered outside a Rock Rest Lodge a Golden Colorado bar, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office.

Four men were taken to hospitals with serious injuries and three other people sustained minor injuries, according to the sheriff’s office. The victims, who include bar employees, have not been publicly identified.

The incident happened outside Rock Rest Lodge at 16005 Mt. Vernon Road in Golden at around 1:40 a.m. Investigators believe a fight broke out between “some of the victims,” the driver and another man before the driver steered a Chevy Silverado through a crowd gathered near the bar’s parking lot.

Two men have been arrested: the alleged driver, Ruben Marquez, 29, and the registered owner of the vehicle, Ernesto DeJesus Avila, 25, who was a passenger in the pickup truck during the incident, according to the sheriff’s office. A second passenger who was in the truck will not be charged.

Colorado roads are getting more and more dangerous all the time. So many new people are moving to the state that roads are full and traffic is more jammed up than it has ever been before. When you add to that the number of people who are texting or otherwise distracted while they drive, your chances of getting into a hit and run car accident in the Denver Metro Area are frighteningly high.

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