Primary Care and Chiropractic: A Trusted Oasis of Health in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

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In the sprawling landscape of healthcare options, Primary Care and Chiropractic, located just 20 minutes outside of Denver in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, stands as a beacon of holistic wellness. This husband and wife team, Dr. Chad R. Kesner and Dr. Kim C. Kesner, have been serving their community since 1996, focusing on an evidence-based approach to chiropractic care, acupuncture, therapeutic rehabilitation, and medical massage. Their mission is simple yet profound: to serve their patients by helping them achieve and exceed their health goals.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

What sets Primary Care and Chiropractic apart is their dedication to assessing the patient as a whole. In a world that often compartmentalizes health, the Kesners recognize the intricate connection between physical, emotional, and mental well-being. They don’t just aim to address the immediate concern but also aspire to guide their patients into a lifestyle of being pain-free. This holistic approach is at the heart of their practice, and it’s what makes them a trusted name in Denver and beyond.

Comprehensive Services for Optimal Health

Primary Care and Chiropractic offers a wide range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of their patients. Among their offerings are:

  1. Acupuncture: A time-tested technique that can help with a variety of health issues, from pain management to stress reduction. Dating back to 100 BCE, acupuncture still proves effective today as a way to strengthen the body rather than merely treating symptoms.
  2. Chiropractic Care: The core of their practice, chiropractic adjustments aim to correct misalignments and improve the body’s natural healing abilities.
  3. Corrective Exercises: Customized exercises that assist in rehabilitating injuries and improving mobility.
  4. Dry Needling: An effective technique for addressing neuromuscular conditions, pain, and range of motion. During an appointment, the care team will insert a small needle into specified areas of the body to improve pain control and reduce muscle tension.
  5. Lifestyle Advice: Guidance on how to make healthier choices and promote overall well-being.
  6. Massage Therapy: Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being.
  7. Chiropractic Treatment: Many people, over time, develop unequal forces and stress that act on their joints. This leads to pain in the joints and surrounding tissues. At Primary Care, the treatment addresses pain reduction followed by a comprehensive evaluation of all the muscles in the area.
  8. Physical Therapy: Targeted exercises and interventions to address various physical conditions.

Collaborative Care Network

One of the strengths of Primary Care and Chiropractic is their extensive network of connections within the healthcare field. Dr. Chad and Dr. Kim have built relationships with neurologists and specialists, allowing them to make referrals when necessary. This collaborative approach ensures that patients receive the most comprehensive and appropriate care, whether it’s addressing a spine-related issue or seeking assistance with more complex health concerns.

A Personal Touch

What truly sets Primary Care and Chiropractic apart is the personal touch that Dr. Chad and Dr. Kim bring to their practice. As a husband and wife team, they understand the importance of compassion and empathy in healthcare. They take the time to listen to their patients’ concerns, provide individualized treatment plans, and foster a sense of trust that’s crucial in the healing process.

Their mission isn’t just a statement; it’s a commitment to each patient they serve. It’s about helping individuals reclaim their health, offering them the tools and support needed to lead pain-free, fulfilling lives.


Primary Care and Chiropractic is more than just a chiropractic office; it’s a sanctuary of health, a place where patients receive expert care that considers them as a whole. Dr. Chad R. Kesner and Dr. Kim C. Kesner’s dedication to evidence-based treatments, collaboration with specialists, and personalized approach to patient care make them a valuable resource in the Highlands Ranch community.

For over two decades, Primary Care and Chiropractic have been a cornerstone of wellness in Colorado, and they continue to provide their community with the highest standard of healthcare. If you’re seeking a holistic, compassionate, and effective approach to health and well-being, look no further than Primary Care and Chiropractic in Highlands Ranch.