Ski Resorts In Colorado Are Protected By The Colorado Ski Safety Act

Colorado has always been a proud home to multiple ski resorts, serving both as a home base to many Olympians, and popular destination for tourists from all over the United States. However, ski injuries remain sad reality, and just recently, a skier died from injuries sustained in the accident at Keystone resort.

Skier dies after colliding with tree at Keystone Resort; snowboarder dies in Telluride backcountry

Ski collision often result in serious injuries for the victims and raise the questions of the liability of the involved parties, and the ski resorts. The Colorado Ski Safety Act often insulates ski resorts from liability from any of the inherent dangers and risks of skiing, often leaving an injured person out of work, and with piling medical expenses. If you were injured in a skiing incident, please contact our attorneys to receive a free consultation immediately to discuss your rights.

95 Deaths or Injuries caused by Goodyear Motorhome Tires

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted an investigation of approximately 40,000 Goodyear tires made from 1996 to 2003. The NHTSA reported 95 incidents which resulted in injury or death due to the defective tires. As a result of the NHTSA investigation, an Arizona Judge has ordered Goodyear to release records regarding the defective motorhome tires. It has also been reported that Goodyear was using secret settlements for this time period in an attempt to hide information about the defective tires from the government and the public.