The Cost Of Emergency Hospital Is Hefty Financial Burden

For an average American family, the cost of emergency healthcare services and hospital stays often remains a hefty financial burden months after such visit. For comparison, the cost of delivering the newest royal prince was slightly less than an average American baby – $9,000.00 charge for deluxe delivery in Lindo Wing versus the average fee of $10,808.00 in the United States.

To control the rising costs, some hospitals and states operate under the “capped system” – it puts a strict budgetary limitation on how much a hospital can spend. Kaiser Permanente and Veterans Administration already operate under such directive, and it often raises questions about quality and accessibility.

Starting in 2010 with eight rural hospitals, and expanding its plan in 2014 to the state’s other hospitals, Maryland set global budgets for hospital inpatient and outpatient services, as well as emergency department care in the attempt to control global costs of emergency healthcare. The early results showed no significant savings for privately insured population, but corroborated impressive Medicare savings, driven by the drop of hospital admissions.

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Confined Space Rescue at Gaylord Hotel Project

Both the Denver Fire Department and Aurora Fire Department were dispatched to the Gaylord Hotel Project near Denver International Airport to rescue an individual stuck in a confined space. The Aurora Fire Department reported the rescue was successful and the individual is not in critical condition. Authorities said the worker fell multiple stories inside the ductwork of the hotel.