Two Wounded in Shooting at House Party On Possible Premise Liability

One teenager was killed and two others wounded in a shooting at a house party in Adams County early Sunday morning, according to the sheriff’s office. The shooting was reported at about 1:30 a.m. at a home in the 100 block of E. 70th Avenue, Sgt. Adam Sherman said Sunday.

Officers arrived to find three people shot. Two victims were 18 years old and one was 17, Sherman said. They have not been publicly identified. Two victims were taken by ambulance to hospitals, where one died. The third person who was shot was treated at the scene for minor injuries and released, according to the sheriff’s office.

It was not clear Sunday exactly how the shooting unfolded, but Sherman said the attack was not a drive-by shooting and was likely carried out by someone at the party or who walked up to the party. Sunday’s shooting happened several miles away from a drive-by shooting last weekend at a house party in Adams County that killed one person and wounded seven.

Initial information suggests the two shootings are not connected to each other, Sherman said. “It initially appears to be completely unrelated,” he said.

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