What Are The Motorcycle Laws You Should Know In Denver Colorado

With the spring and summer seasons coming with warmer weather in Colorado, more motorcycle riders will likely be taking to the roads. For those that are new to the state or have just obtained a motorcycle license, understanding the laws that apply to riders is essential. Here are five all motorcyclists should know regarding motorcycle accidents in Denver, Colorado:

1. Riders Under 18 Must Wear Helmets

The Colorado Department of Transportation only requires motorcycle riders under the age of 18 to wear a helmet. However, they still encourage the use of a helmet for all riders, as they have proven to reduce the risk of severe and fatal injuries in a crash.

2. All Riders Must Wear Eye Protection

Although helmet laws are specific to minors, eye protection is a requirement for all riders and passengers. This means that each person on a motorcycle must wear goggles, a helmet with protective eyewear, or glasses. Tall windshields do not count as eye protection under this law.

3. Lane Splitting is Illegal

Colorado is one of the many states that prohibit lane-splitting – an action where a motorcyclist rides between slow or stopped traffic lanes. Sharing a lane with a car is also against the law; however, riders may share lanes with other riders.

4. Riders Under 18 Require Supervision

Under state law, a rider younger than 18 can only operate their bike with an instructional permit and under the supervision of an adult (age 21 and older) until they obtain a motorcycle endorsement for their license. Furthermore, riders under 16 years old are only permitted to ride if supervised by a licensed motorcycle instructor.

5. Police Officers May Perform Random Safety Inspections

A significant component of roadway safety is ensuring that the vehicle being operated is in proper working order—and this extends to motorcycle riders. Under § 42-4-203, riders may be subject to a random safety inspection by a uniformed police officer.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys In Denver Colorado

Motorcycle safety is essential any time of year, and all drivers on the road have a responsibility to keep everyone safe. If you were involved in a collision with another driver who caused the incident and sustained an injury, we can help you seek just compensation.