What is Medpay Coverage How Is It Used In Denver Colorado

Medical Payments Coverage (“Medpay”) is a type of coverage that is provided through your own personal automobile policy in Denver Colorado. This is a type of coverage many individuals pay for, and ultimately have never used. Not surprisingly, your own insurer does not always make it clear that there is Medpay coverage available for use following a collision. Additionally, the often make the process to use the coverage confusing and complex.

1. Determining if you have Medpay Coverage

One of the first things you or your attorney should do is find out if there is available Medpay Coverage through your own personal automobile insurance policy. You can determine whether or not you have Medpay by reviewing your Insurance Declarations page. Medpay coverage will be listed on the Declarations page and will have its own specific coverage limits (quite often it is $5,000, but can be as high as $100,000).

2. What is Medpay Coverage?

Under Medpay coverage, you can submit medical bills to your own insurance company for payment under the Medpay provisions of your personal policy. This coverage can help cover the costs of bills or out of pocket co-pays. If you are carrying Medpay coverage, it can be utilized by you regardless of who is at-fault for the collision.

3. What are the benefits of Medpay Coverage?

There are several benefits to utilizing Medpay coverage. First, using Medpay can help you avoid bills being sent to collection agencies. Your personal injury claim may take months to resolve and Medpay funds can be used to cover your outstanding bills in the meantime. This is especially important if you do not currently have health insurance. Keep in mind that once the funds are exhausted, any further bills pertaining to medical providers will be denied.

Furthermore, if you have an insurance policy in the State of Colorado, Medpay funds do not have to be paid back to your insurance carrier. Your attorney can help determine whether or not you have Medpay coverage and how best to utilize it.