What Questions Should I Ask Personal Injury Attorney In Denver Colorado

There are dozens of personal injury attorney in Denver Colorado, so finding the right one for your case may seem like a strenuous task. However, utilizing your initial consultation to discuss questions you may have regarding your situation can make the selection process that much simpler. Here are three questions that may help narrow down your search:

What Are My Chances For A Successful Outcome In My Personal Injury Claim?

While many personal injury attorneys in Denver Colorado handle a variety of matters, they may have a specific practice area that most of their successful cases come from. In some instances, they may even refer you to another firm if they perceive that someone else can help you more.

When in your initial consultation, don’t shy away from asking the attorney about their track record with cases like yours and overall success rate. This may help provide you with more peace of mind in the process.

What Is The Communication Process With A Personal Injury Law Firm?

Although your initial consultation may be with a specific attorney, they may not always be the person you communicate with regularly. Some firms have paralegals, case managers, or other support staff available to answer questions, while the attorney is mostly available to provide updates.

Be open to discussing your communication preferences when you meet with an attorney for the first time. If you prefer to hear from them every month during the duration of your case, make that known; the same goes for if you only anticipate hearing from them when there’s an important update with your case.

What’s the Probability That My Personal Injury Case in Denver Colorado Will Go to Trial?

Realistically, very few personal injury cases will result in a trial. However, that doesn’t mean that you should go into your legal dispute thinking that it could never happen. Working with an attorney who has trial experience and can provide you with an assessment of the probability of that occurring in your situation can help you better understand the nature of your case.