Why Do Car Accidents Increase During Holiday Travel in Denver

Over 50 million drivers are expected to be on the roads during the week of Thanksgiving, which is just the start of months of traffic spanning the holiday season. Despite this being an annual occurrence, thousands of drivers are involved in collisions during this time. Holiday travel in Denver is especially bad, with traffic often backed up for hours. Before taking that road trip to visit family, remember these tips.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

Planning your route, stopping places, and accounting for lodging when going across the country for holidays can seem like a stressful part of the festive season. However, you should also consider the high-traffic days in your planning. Most people already know the Wednesday before and Friday after to be travel days for Thanksgiving, so adjust your travel plans to coincide with days and times where fewer people are on the roads.

It’s also essential that you have a backup plan in case of emergencies. Flat tires, inclement weather, and other incidences may arise that can derail travel plans.

Be Mindful of Changing Weather Conditions

Denver weather during the holidays can be severe, so consider the lodging options that may be on your route in case you have to stop for the night. Keeping an emergency kit in your vehicle is also a safe option. Consider including:

  • Extra tire chains
  • Jumper cables
  • Ice scraper and snow brush
  • Flashlights with extra batteries
  • Gloves, hot hands or other heating device
  • Blanket or thick coat
  • Sand, cat litter, salt, or other melting/friction agent
  • First aid kit

Non-perishable snacks and water are also great options to have on hand in case of emergencies.

Understand the Dangers

In addition to having a fun time with your family, the holiday season can also cause an increase in drunk driving-related incidents. The National Safety Council estimates that around 485 people may be fatally injured on the roads during the Thanksgiving holiday due to driving under the influence.

Remember, DUI laws still apply during the holiday season, so never get behind the wheel when under the influence.

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