Employee of the Month: Marc B. Kanter

marc b kanterMarc B. Kanter, our firm’s Intake Coordinator and Investigator, got his start working in the legal field while living in the San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills, CA. A true “Valley dude” who spent many days at the beach, chasing waves. An old school surfer who lived to be by and at the beach as much as he could. Away from the beach, he got his start as an intern investigator working for a medium-sized personal injury law firm in Encino, CA. Within a year of working for that Encino firm, the owner of the firm asked Marc if he could handle meeting and signing up all the clients, as well as providing all the investigation that was needed to solidify the client’s case. Of course, he said “YES”, and so the legal journey began. “In those days, there were no internet or databases, so conducting investigations was done the old fashion way, by developing sources and gaining trust within the investigation industry”, Marc explained.

Soon after that, Marc was approached by a large Personal Injury firm, also in Encino, to manage the Major Injury Department. That position entailed dealing with individuals who suffered traumatic losses and involved very complex investigations. Marc remained in that position for five years until he started his own Private Investigation business based in Woodland Hills, CA. He had been meeting and signing up injured individuals who had been involved in motor vehicle collisions since 1984. In all those years since, Marc still enjoys going out and meeting people and helping them get through a very difficult time in their life.

Marc is the Intake Coordinator and Investigator here at LLS. He has been with LLS since 2018. When a potential client is unable to come into the office, Marc will go meet with them. Here at the firm, he does the sign-ups of new clients, locates and confirms insurance coverage, conducts whatever investigation is needed on behalf of the client’s claim including but not limited to, asset and background checks, locating witnesses and taking statements, as well as doing accident scene investigations. Of all the firms Marc has worked for, he stated that he enjoys working at LLS the best. “Mark, Vance, and Larry truly care about their clients. The paralegals and staff are always there to assist the clients, and they took really care about helping them,” he says. “It is so refreshing to work at a law firm where there is no false pretense, just plain old let’s get this client taken care of!”

One asset that many clients have found to be valuable is when Marc meets with them, as a courtesy, he will do a review of the client’s insurance policy and educate them on exactly what type of coverage they have. Most people have no idea as to what is in their insurance policy and are shocked to think they have a particular type of coverage, only to learn they do not. “It’s heartbreaking!” The one thing Marc tells people is to make sure they have two types of coverages on their policy; Medical Payments coverage and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists coverage. If you or someone you know does not know what type of insurance coverage you have, Marc will be more than happy to review your policy to ensure you are properly covered should the need arise. Give the office a call.

Away from the office, Marc likes to spend time with his wife Val, and his Jack Russell Terrier Boo. On nice days, the golf course is his substitute for the So. Cal waves.