What are the Most Famous CTE Cases in NFL History?

A large number of former National Football League (NFL) players have been diagnosed with or have had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. A definitive diagnosis so far can be made only post-mortem. However, an increasing number of former players are reporting symptoms of CTE. According to 2017 study on brains of deceased gridiron football players, 99% of tested brains of NFL players, 88% of Canadian Football League (CFL) players, 64% of semi-professional players, 91% of college football players, and 21% of high school football players had various stages of CTE. However, this study had several limitations, including possible selection bias as families of players with symptoms of CTE are far more likely to donate brains to research than those without signs of the disease. Despite the limitations, the study still showed that CTE is far more common than once believed.

Former Players with CTE confirmed Post-Mortem

A common definitive test currently can be made only by examining the brain tissue of a deceased victim.

As the families of many deceased players wish to keep their medical information private, the following list is incomplete. A brain injury study conducted at the Boston University School of Medicine showed that 33 of 34 players tested post-mortem showed clear signs of CTE, and additional players have so far been confirmed with CTE separately.

A new list released in November 2016 mentions CTE in 90 of 94 brains of former and deceased NFL players. In July 2017, a new study showed that 110 of 111 brains examined showed signs of CTE.

Phillip Adams
George Andrie
Jovan Belcher
Forrest Blue
Colt Brennan
Nick Buoniconti
Lew Carpenter
Ronnie Caveness
Dwight Clark
Greg Clark
Daniel Colchico
Lou Creekmur
Art DeCarlo
Shane Dronett
Dave Duerson
Pete Duranko
Ray Easterling
Grant Feasel
Frank Gifford
Cookie Gilchrist
John Grimsley
Jason Hairston
Chris Henry
Aaron Hernandez
Wally Hilgenberg
Glen Ray Hines
Jim Hudson
Gerry Huth
Vincent Jackson
John Henry Johnson
Tom Keating
Bob Kuechenberg
Jim Kiick
Terry Long
Rob Lytle
John Mackey
Ollie Matson
Tom McHale
Earl Morrall
Larry Morris
Tommy Nobis
Joe O’Malley
Paul Oliver
Joe Perry
Mike Pyle
Adrian Robinson
Scott Ross
Tyler Sash
Eric Scoggins
Jake Scott
Junior Seau
Bubba Smith
Robert Sowell
Ken Stabler
Bill Stanfill
Justin Strzelczyk
Mosi Tatupu
Daniel Te’o-Nesheim
Demaryius Thomas
Kevin Turner
Andre Waters
Mike Webster
Ralph Wenzel
John Wilbur

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